Accounting and Admin Services

Extraordinary Executive provides or trains staff on the most effective use of the tools needed to communicate essential data and keep you compliant with regulations.

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Strategic Planning and Traction

Extraordinary Executive assists in developing your strategic plan, business plan, or succession plan. We create your plan into a customizable tool to ensure traction and accomplishment of your goals

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Coaching and Communication

Extraordinary Executive has the experience and expertise to bring out the best in you. We identify your strengths and align your goals with action plans. We show effective communication techniques protecting your brand and image.

Free Discovery Session

Extraordinary Executive success is directly linked to your success. We want to ensure that we can assist in improving your situation. Sometimes this means a referral to a great network of professionals if we do not have the expertise to help directly.

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Extraordinary Executive Features

Scalable Solutions

Extraordinary Executive Scalable Solutions means you have full control on implementation cost. With Scalable Solutions , you get full visibility on our impact, we show you our Return on Investment (ROI). You can decide to use your own staff or our staff, the terms. We offer full-time, fractional, or interim help.


The most authentic small business implementation, planning and coaching company Extraordinary Executive.

The experience coming from our business is not just academic, its real-world experience based on lifetimes with small businesses and franchise owners. We know what its like to wear multiple hats, work for passion, and the impact of decisions.

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